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Black men are being systematically destroyed by the system that we live under today. We have been conditioned to believe that we are not worthy of respect and dignity. We are taught from birth that we are less than human. This is the reason why black men are killing each other at alarming rates. They are killing themselves due to the fact that they were raised to believe that they are worthless.
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Making Black Neighborhoods A Decent Place To Live: How Black Men Achieving Upward Economic Mobility Can Transform Communities 

The economic power of black men plays a significant role in shaping black communities. Black men, being the primary breadwinners in these communities, are responsible for the upward mobility of their families. Any barrier to their financial success is a factor that directly affects the health of the community. By removing the obstacles that impede their success, black neighborhoods would become a better place to live. 


Closing the income gap will solve the intergenerational problem of wealth generation. Black Men Matter is a non-profit organization whose mission is to implement entrepreneurial programs and schemes to encourage black men to invest in themselves and make more positive choices in life. Funding from local government and private donors would help further their goal of making black communities a decent place to live. 


The Importance of Black Men in Black Communities 


The choices and behavior of black men are critical to their communities. Black men act as role models to younger members of society, so their influence is widespread. That being said, there need to be more self-employed and gainfully employed black men who provide for their families and act as mentors to younger youth. This is often harder to achieve than men of other ethnicities because black men are often affected by certain circumstances:


  •  They do not generally get equal opportunities. 
  •  They are victims of the intergenerational income gap.
  •  There is a lack of positive role models for them to emulate.  
  •  They are often dehumanized and marginalized in society, making it harder for them to function. 

The Income Gap Is Real 


Black individuals, their families, and their communities lag behind their white counterparts in economic growth. Several factors perpetuate this cycle of wealth inequality, such as mortgage market discrimination, access to stable jobs and good wages, and labor market discrimination. These lead to fewer tax benefits as they have lower incomes, so these benefits are not made available to them. 


The income gap between black and white households is broad and affects black communities very negatively. It denies them the possibility of upward mobility. Education is often seen as a tool to move up economically, but even when educated, black men do not get the same opportunities or respect as white men. Closing the income gap in communities would be difficult but not impossible, and it would require a lot of support from the local government and private businesses or anyone who has an interest in seeing black communities turn into a decent place to live. 


How Funding Will Help Transform Black Communities


Funding could be used to strengthen black men by giving them an equal opportunity at higher-level education, equipping them with essential life skills, building and improving community programs and centers, helping them further their skills in music, sport, or technical areas. Improving the opportunity structure for black boys and men through investment can lead to healthier families and communities. This can instill positive cultural and spiritual values and contribute to the mental and physical health of people in the community. 


In conclusion, the potential that lies within black communities could be developed through adequate funding. Men are the main providers in black households, and they need to be better equipped to survive in a society where they are marginalized and discriminated against. Access to a better life begins with giving them access to tools for upward mobility.

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